The OTC provides a comprehensive menu of job placement services in its Supported Employment Program.


The Pre-placement services provided by OTC’s job coaching staff are intended to help each job seeker  to locate, and be hired by an employer that they would like to work for doing what they would like to do. The Job Coach will work closely with the consumer in helping them to identify their interest, skills, and to carefully review other relevant issues as the job each is undertaken. The objective of this phase of the job placement process is to develop an acceptable job match for each consumer. The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) is a major funder of this service, however, area schools and other social service providers also access OTC pre-placement programming.


The Intensive Job Coaching services offered by OTC are aimed at helping the newly hired consumer to become proficient at their job, meet the employers expectations and to assist in other work place issues that may need attention.  The Job Coach will provide the level of assistance that each consumer requires so as to allow the new hire to utilize the skills that they already have successfully mastered. As the consumer becomes more proficient at their job, the Job Coach will gradually reduce their level of hands on involvement. Monitoring and follow up will continue however.


When a competitively employed consumer, who is not DDD registered, has reach a level of  job proficiency that the Job Coach feels that they need only periodic monitoring, they will be referred by the OTC to receive Long Term Follow Along Service from DVRS. This will allow the Job Coach to provide up to 5 hours of follow up services monthly to them.


Any consumers who are registered for services by DDD, and are doing well at their jobs, will be referred to the DDD Follow Along Program. This program will allow each consumer to receive a very wide range of directly and indirectly related employment follow along services. This program is closely related to each consumers IHP process that is mandated by DDD.