The Arc is an advocacy organization founded in 1947 by a group of parents who had a vision of building a better quality of life for people with intellectual, and other related developmental disabilities, and their families. 

For 75 years, The Arc of Camden County has been providing services to people with disabilities and their families. We began a program in a church basement funded by cake sales, jewelry sales, handbag sales, etc. conducted by parents who wanted a better life for their children. While we were providing services, The Arc of the US and of New Jersey was gathering strength, taking direction from families, who learned to lobby legislators, teach educators, and nudge public funding agents to find better ways to support people with disabilities in their communities, enabling chapters of The Arc to grow strong as a voice of advocacy locally, and nationwide.

The staff at The Arc of Camden County are proud of the work they have done in support of people with disabilities, and we are proud of our staff. Over the past 75 years our staff have worked hard to help people to develop their independence and potential to the highest level possible. Thanks to a Board of Directors with a vision, creative dedication, and the deep commitment of our staff many, many people with disabilities have grown to lead fuller, richer lives.

Our challenge, as we continue to grow, is to keep our focus on the reason for our existence, that is, the provision of mission driven, individually tailored programs to people with disabilities in Camden County.