The OTC is a great alternative to hiring high paid temporary services or running extra labor shifts. Our workforce is ready to be scheduled to handle your small or large volume production needs and to meet your deadlines.
About Us

The Occupational Training Center’s 20,000 sq. ft. production facility, located in Berlin, NJ has provided a broad range of production services (packaging, assembly, labeling, sorting, etc.) for 50 years. The OTC’s commitment to customer satisfaction is the reason for its longevity and success.

The facility’s workforce of over 125 workers is trained and supervised by a team of 20 staff members. Every job is reviewed and analyzed to assure that quality is built into the production methodology and that the skills of our entire workforce are utilized and maximized.

Our Guarantee

Our large pool of resources allows us to guarantee your work will be completed in the timeframe requested. We will assure your job will be completed by our dependable workforce to the specifications provided by you.

We totally stand behind our service. In fact, if we make an error – we fix it and make it right. After we transform your components into finished product we’ll deliver your completed product to your place of business in our 20 foot box truck.

Our Capability

Our capability is not limited to assembly and packaging work. We have a full service liquid filling operation currently being used for filling bottles with machine lubricant. We label bottles of all shapes and sizes, fill trade show bags with goodies, assemble neck brace collars, make emergency response kits for US distribution, our capability is endless.

Contact Us

Contact Loret McClain at 856-768-0845 x-35, or email at for a Quote!

Visit us and see what we do at the OTC. We will be happy to provide a tour of our production facility. Contact Loret McClain at 856-768-0845 x-35, or email at

Download Our OTC Capabilities Brochure Here.

Here are more services offered at the OTC:

• Job Placement

• Supported Employment

• Extended Employment

• Vocational Evaluation and Assessment

• Work Adjustment Training

• Contract Work

• Cafeteria Menu